who are we ?

www.altuncini.com aims to present our products in a modern and simple way with their own high-firing, lining technique and painting style on the surface of the china while travelling on a path from the past to the future, from local to universe . In other words, by interpreting our traditional tile art in a modern way, the aim is to bring together many places with our artistic preperation mill values.


altuncini.com the basic stones of the product quality include elements such as color and patterns can be perceived, there is no defect on the surface, the performance of the applied place can be maintained for a long time, it can be easily cleaned and dirt does not catch, it is perfect in aesthetic sense and creates cheerful and energetic places.
altuncini.com’s artistic adventure lasts until the variety of products that will be able to be heard to different tastes, to make our culture come from the past and to remain as antiquity works for future generations.
Tile art which is one of the traditional Turkish arts is used in the interior and exterior adornments of many works which are historical and artistic values such as tile art, mosque, pavilion, palace, fountain and tomb, as well as in the scope of " Traditional Future Architecture Architecture Project' ", instead of buildings without identity, impersonal and aesthetic, and the presence of buildings embellished with national culture motifs come to life with www.altuncini.com.